Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Power of God's Plans

make my heart broken

make me a tree, roots deep
thick trunk, yet moved by the wind
and willing to have broken

to save the whole

move me
make me
sound like the ocean
may the ground under me have
strewn about it.

may the winds and rains shape me.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

An Unexpected Desire

Many people in my life have influenced my decision to pursue a career as a nurse. I've also had many life events that have shaped my journey to discovering what I would like to uniquely offer, to serve others and make a difference.
The first nurse that I interacted with that touched me, and really offered me care that made a difference, was my lactation consultant, Sharon, after the birth of my first daughter. She is actually a close family friend, and it was so beautiful to have her teach me the art of breastfeeding my baby. As we laughed and cried, and continued months into my breastfeeding journey, she shared with me her passion for the nursing profession, and her career path that led her to eventually working with new moms. As a new mom myself, overwhelmed with all that motherhood entailed, I tucked away this vision and wasn't quite sure if it was a dream that I should call my own. From then on, I began to notice all of the nurses that I had been interacting with in the medical community.
The nurse that cared for my daughter during well baby visits. The nurse that cared for me during my prenatal visits during my second pregnancy. Nurses at our family doctor. The nurse that stayed with me during the birth of my second daughter. Their care and encouragement really brightened my day, but more importantly they made a difference in the health of me and my family.
As my daughters grew older, the economy grew steadily worse. My husband's career did not look as promising as it once had, and he decided to go back to school. I decided to take a 3 week STNA course so I could work to help support my family while my husband pursued his degree. I thought I might as well work in a career that I was actually interested in. This series of decisions and events turned into a very powerful realization that I wanted to pursue a career as a nurse.
Taking the STNA course at Fairfield Eastland Career Center was a memorable life event, but I also met many people in that class who strongly influenced me. My instructor, Ms. Lou, herself a nurse and just a couple classes shy of her doctorate, spoke of her love for her family and children, and her passion for her career and the patients that she cared for. My classmates were diverse, and were taking the class for numerous reasons, but our respect for each other and embracing each other's different goals and the encouragement and laughter we shared as we struggled to take in all of the nurse aide material, spurred me on to realizing that students who desire to learn about nursing are wonderful people! The thought of continuing my education to learn even more seemed so enticing!
Nurse Aide clinicals were also a wonderful life event that showed me, practically, that a career in nursing was a great fit for my personality. Our clinicals were at a nursing home, and I really enjoyed interacting with the residents and patients. Knowing that I was making their life better, even if for only a day, was really fulfilling. I gave them care with dignity, and by the end of the week, you could see a sparkle in their eye. I anticipate the fast pace that some nursing careers may have, but also enjoyed the slower moments of just giving the patient a memory of care and concern and humanity.
My reasons for becoming a nurse are numerous. I love that I can make the world a better place. I love that my care as a nurse can bring health to someone. I love that I can be there for my family. I love that my children are going to grow up with a mom who is fulfilled and making a difference in the lives of many people. And who knows? Maybe years down the road, in my own career, I can be the spark that someone fans to flame their own dream of becoming a nurse.