Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My First Blog

Even though I have no followers, I have fell into blogging today. I just want to win a free cloth diaper and these sweet soft-soled shoes, matching and etsy! Vilate is the adminstrater for a cloth diapering community on Circle of Moms, a Facebook application, and I found her Nifty Nook through that community. http://vilatesniftynook.blogspot.com/2009/07/giveaway-time.html I haven't ordered from her yet (after all, the point of cloth diapering is saving money, right? Riiight)
So anyways, when I tried to follow their blogs, which is part of entering to win the contest, I had to create an account with Google, and then it prompted me to start my own blog! Like I don't waste enough hours of my day on the internet. I'm hoping to get more disciplined about essay writing and some poetry, thus the name of my blog, because I am really so undisciplined about using my mind like I should.
The soft-soled shoes can be found through this blog: http://jaimiecollette-logansmommy.blogspot.com/ ... way cheaper than robeez and looks like better quality than the Target knock-offs. From experience, the Target brand soft shoes are way cute, but won't last beyond one kid. The paint on the leather wears off. Still functional, I guess, but those were all Ruth wore when she was little, so they look very shabby. I might order a pair for both of my girls, some slippers for this winter for Ruth and of course, because I believe in soft-soled shoes for my early walking babies, Sophia's pair will be for all the time. And I have a couple friends that are pregnant or just had babies ... at this price, they would be a perfect, thoughtful baby gift! Though I am always tempted to gift my friends with cloth diapers, but I hate to be pushy. That's a bit like giving your unsaved in-law or other extended family member a Bible or devotional for Christmas. Just not my way to convert people!!
I'm pretty excited about this blog, and can't wait to see how it develops and if anyone is actually interested in reading my essays, thoughts, and poems. Might post a couple old poems on here from college. My husband at least better be one of my followers! With all the free time he has, not!
To follow, you can click on the "Follow with Google Friend Connect" and you can use your current e-mail address, and that way you recieve an e-mail when I post a new entry. I think that's how it works. I promise that I will not inundate you with multiple blog entries per day, for my Facebook friends who might be worried that my Facebook habits will translate into how I blog.
Cross your fingers that I will win the contest!